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Rachel Taylor-Brown: Fritos and Empathy / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #343


Welcome back to not the Artichoke Music Café. We’ll be back there on August 18 and talking with Reggie Houston who will obviously be in Portland.

Today I am officially ending further discussion of what did you do during the pandemic. I’m about to talk with singer/pianist/composer Rachel Taylor-Brown, one of my favorite musicians on earth.

We should consider ourselves lucky to hear what she has to say because she doesn’t do a whole lot of interviews. This being a conversation makes it different but not by much.

No, she doesn’t have a new album to push and that’s fine. She does have a lot of new songs which are not ready for us to hear, but she’s ready to tell us about them.

I’m calling her now.

This is one of the many songs of Rachel's that I love.


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