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Michael Quinby: Hunting for new game / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #263

By TOM D'ANTONI // Michael Quniby, the leader of The funky Roseland Hunters is up to new things while keeping a revival a possibility.

Yes it’s me with a smoky voice not because I want to sound like Barry White (which I actually do want to) but because of the smoke.

When we recorded this conversation with Michael Quinby, leader of the Roseland Hunters (I ask if there’s a chance they’ll get back together), all we had to worry about was the pandemic and the election.

Michael was the leader, vocalist and guitarist for the Roseland Hunters and I played the living hell out of their record on the radio.

So what’s he been doing lately?

Let’s find out. Hint look at this Air Hush


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