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Joey Prude: Life among the dive bars / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #325

By TOM D'ANTONI // Joey Prude is a drummer, DJ and books bands into our favorite dive bars, like the Lay Low Tavern.

We’re getting closer to going back to the Artichoke Café. I  mean I am. You don’t need details, but I wish we were there so I could see our podcast guest, whom I have never met.

His name is Joey Prude and he does a whole of things. He’s a drummer, a DJ and he books bands into what we lovingly call Dive Bars….like the Lay Low Tavern. He’s booked lots of others including the iconic Club 21 and the Vern.

I’ve never even talked with him before, so this should be interesting.

Next time, blues harmonica player Kim Field on his brilliant new book on Billy Boy Arnold.

Let’s Meet Joey Prude.

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