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Robert Parish and Teri Briggs Coffeeshop Conversation #145; Musicians Rising Up!

By TOM D'ANTONI // Recording Oregon musicians'  “…live performances to heal and inspire a confused and angry nation."

OMN Coffeeshop Conversation number one hundred forty-five coming to you from the internet via World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th & Glisan.

You know, we’re all dealing with current events the best we can. Robert Parish and Teri Briggs took action in the best way they know. They call it “Musicians Rising Up.” They make videos of local talent who perform songs connected to the times in which we live?

Or as they put it, “…live performances to heal and inspire a confused and angry nation."

That’s quite a task but they’ve been at it for over a year and have no intention of stopping.

Here's the latest.

We’ve broken the format for this. It’s always been one-on-one, but I got a taste of my own format-breaking history on this one.

Meet Robert Parish and Teri Briggs.


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Bill Valenti

This is powerful stuff: music as journalism/op-ed/commentary. And I was flattered by the mention of "The Art of the Protest Song" in the mix. Artists (musicians, poets, street artists, poster artists, performance artists) are rising up against intolerance and fascism, and Robert Parish and Teri Briggs are to be commended for their efforts to provide a forum for these artists to speak their minds. Music is a mighty force that soothes a troubled world.

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