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Parkland Survivors Urge You to VOTE

Parkland Florida's song co-written and produced by former Oregonian Duddy Brown

Today, the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL released a heartfelt new song in honor of the classmates lost in February’s mass shooting.  Written by the students themselves, “Carry You On” is a song about turning the love for their fellow students into change and using the power of our votes to make that change.

Co-writer and producer of the song, Duddy Brown, has ties to Oregon.  Growing up in the Salem area and being part of the Portland music scene, Brown relocated to Los Angeles in 2016 where he has since produced songs for  STF, Bombay artist Anushka Jag, Portland-based Talk Modern and powerhouse MILCK.

“Helping to create this song was heartfelt and effortless, and such a privilege. The kids already had the message.  I feel blessed to be part of something so real.  I’m grateful to Xandy Barry and Pete Lyman for donating their time to the mix and master, and to Jonah Bryson for orchestrating all of this from ground zero,” shared Brown.   

For several of the survivors, just having turned 18, today’s midterm elections will be their first opportunity to cast their votes to create a better world and keep the conversation about gun violence and the memory of their friends alive.

Read the full story and watch the video here:


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