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Nicholas Harris: Coffeeshop Conversations #105 - Running Portland's newest club

By TOM D'ANTONI // He's the inspiration behind the Jack London Revue, the new Jazz/Soul/Funk club in the Rialto. Get the lowdown.

Happy you’re back with us in World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th and Glisan for another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation.

Reminding you that you can find these things on iTunes, SoundCloud and TuneIn, just search for Oregon Music News.

With me today is a guy I’ve known to say hi to, to do a little business with but we’ve never really sat down an shot the shit. He’s always been kind of a mystery to me. He’s Nicholas Harris, who also helps run Soul’d Out Productions…that’s the Soul’d Out Festival, but he’s also running the Jack London Revue the newest Jazz/Soul/Funk/Hip Hop club in Portland, the one in the basement of the venerable Rialto.

We’re going to get the low-down on that and also a lot of other things including his love of all things New Orleans. This is going to be a good one because I’ve been looking forward to talking to him for a long time.

Meet Nicholas Harris.

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Phyllis bozich

You mention that Jay has been around for 30 years he is only 44! Yes he did this in grade school, the teachers thought he was terrific because he would set up the a/v equipment for them. Thank you for the accolades , we are low keyed. 'It's my job,mom". Mom is the last to know . Very proud of him pursuing his dream and not working for the man. It has been a struggle for both of us. And I thank all the people along the way that have mentored him. Keeping him focused and out of harms way during teen years. I'm sure there were times I don't want to hear about. Mother is the last to know how well he is appreciated,. His ship has come in. Thank you! Jays mom

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