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Photo by Andrea Canter
Photo by Andrea Canter

Mike Doolin: Coffeeshop Conversations #94 / Why play a seven-string guitar?

By TOM D'ANTONI // The guitarist going full blast while the luthier in him makes a comeback

Hi there. Welcome back to OMN’s Coffeeshop Conversations here at World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th and Gilsan.

I’m trying to get over the flu or bronchitis or whatever that bug is that seems to have infected everyone in town since Trump was inaugurated.

My voice will be back soon. When we recorded this Coffeeshop Conversation with guitarist/composer/luthier Mike Doolin, I was a full strength.

Mike stopped building guitars a few years ago, but recently completed a new one for his wife Nancy Conescu. Why did he quit? We’ll find out.

He’s one of the founding members of Soul Vaccination and he plays in multiple genres and configurations.

One thing we’ll find out is why does he play a seven-string guitar?

Let’s hear from Mike Doolin:

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