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Mike Collins talks with Inessa: Collaboration as a hallmark / Audio

By INESSA // Metts, Ryan & Collins Homegrown album release is Friday, September 21 at Secret Society

In our constantly connected world, it seems hardly possible that Mike and I hadn’t sat down for a proper chat-up. So much ground to cover since that last time, in the spring of 2016, during a time when we lost so many of our musical heroes. It’s a different world two years down the road. Time to catch up.

Mike Collins is many things. First and foremost, Mike is a drummer. But then many other things fall into place. He’s a songwriter, a member of three different bands, each fulfilling certain artistic needs and requirements. He’s a father and he seemingly never tires of the exploration and thought this world requires of us.

Follow along with us as we dive deep into the artistic process and what it means for his three bands: Rooftop Screamers, Metts Ryan & Collins, and the soul rock and funk cover band Ants In the Kitchen. What he learned by being part of The Nowhere Band and learning so many of the great songs that came before.

And then stay with us we take a deeper dive into the recently recharged worlds of psychedelia. From ayahuasca to LSD, mushrooms and DMT.

Check out a new video for one of the songs off the new MRC album Homegrown. “I Think I’m In Love”.

Here’s a video from the recent Rooftop Screamers Vol 1.  “Roses Again.”


Metts, Ryan & Collins

Rooftop Screamers

Ants In The Kitchen

Homegrown Album Release Show @ The Secret Society

Michael Pollan

Spirit Molecule

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