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Coffeeshop Conversations #1: Mary-Sue Tobin / OMN's first episode from December 4, 2014

By TOM D'ANTONI // The first of OMN's 'Coffeeshop Conversations.' Spend an hour with Mary-Sue Tobin, one of the busiest, most versatile saxophonists in Oregon. You know her from the Quaraphonnes, Soul Vaccination and many other bands, but you've never heard her like this.


In late Fall of 2014I decided to have a more formal, weekly OMN Podcast.  For our first episode I chose one of the most talented musicians in Oregon, and one of the smartest and sweetest, Mary--Sue Tobin.

Since next week marks my return since surgery to the Artichoke Music Cafe for podcast recording (with Reggie Houston), I thought it would be fun to go back and listen to the very first episode. World Cup bit the dust during the pandemic and we moved, first to Catfish Lou's and then to our current home in the Artichoke Music Cafe.

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So much of our lives seem to center around our favorite coffeeshop, so when I wanted to start a series of hour-long interviews with some of the most interesting people in Oregon, I thought, "Why not IN a coffeeshop?" So here's the first, recorded, as they all are, in the "cupping room" at World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW. 18th and Glison. And before we go any further, yes I know that "coffeeshop" is usually two words. Well, I decided to change that. So there you have it. Mary-Sue Tobin is no stranger to OMN. You've seen our shorter video interviews, read about her with the Quadraphonnes and as a huge part of the Cathedral Park Jazz Festival. You know her from her years with Soul Vaccination and with countless Jazz bands including Andrew Oliver's bands and the Paxselin Quartet, even with the Oregon Symphony and in the pit band at Portland Center Stage as well as a full complement of teaching. As well as you think you may know her...as well as I think I may know her, once you spend an hour talking, you learn a lot about a person. That's why we're doing Coffeeshop Conversations.

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