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Marti’s Music Kitchen – The Human Connection & Coming back from the Pandemic

By MARTI MENDENHALL // The unique music/food podcast returns on Friday, June 25 with an episode featuring Kris Deelane!

As we inch closer to recovery, OMN's folks are coming out too. Our photographers are booking shows to shoot, writers are writing and the podcasts you have been missing are going back into production. Everyone has missed Marti and her food/music podcast. 

Welcome back Marti!!!!   --- Tom D'Antoni, Editor-In-Chief

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I’ve been wondering a lot in the last few months about the future of my beloved creative cooking podcast, Marti’s Music Kitchen. Due to the onset of the pandemic, we shut down fifteen months ago – just like everything else.

The fearful awe I felt is a distant memory. I had no idea at the time, as I sat glued to the TV, that anything-music would be so deeply impact by the virus. In the past year, we’ve all been witness to our livelihoods literally drowning in restrictions, distrust and floundering panic. I don’t know about you, but by last November I wasn’t handling things very well. I was still looking for a day-job, isolated except for my partner, and really depressed. The world seemed very, very . . . dark.

New hope of a “new normal” came this past Spring, along with my double-vaccination. The last episode of #MMK that aired was with Tahirah Memory, and it had over 30k+ plays. It was the most-played episode to-date! So I had to ask myself: Would Tahirah’s episode be the last? It would be pretty good to go out at the top of my time as Hostest-with-the-mostest. But I quickly realized that while it’s great to have a loyal following, the Marti’s Music Kitchen podcast was never about the plays. Its always been about the human connection.

Cooking and music are the two things that have kept me sane over the past year. (With a tip of the hat to my partner, since he has been amazingly steady.) If you follow Facebook, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Have you ever seen such food? Glorious Food! Food groups became numerous, not to mention NEW music AND food groups. Amazon offered The Cooking Channel free for a year. Delivered groceries became a thing. Musicians took to writing and locking themselves in the studio, creating at an amazing rate throughout the pandemic. Hell, I don’t consider myself a prolific songwriter, but even my Jazz Singer self has another five new songs written with studio time pending. How does that even happen? Just “listening” to music became a talked-about way of coping with the incredibly deep, sinking loneliness.

As I took time to contemplate, I was suddenly hit was a realization! I think the reason the themes of food and music prevailed was because . . are you ready for it? . . . It’s all about connection. Wow! Hold the phone a second . . . I remember way—back-when, that I created an ad for my MMK Patreon Family of supporters. “It’s all about connection.” That’s what it said. Well, thank God for that! Cooking is a way of connecting with something primal. Listening to music, creating it? Primal. Survival. Connection.

That’s what this podcast does – it fills a need in a super-fun way. More than that - it FEEDS me, and the guests, the listeners and the MMK Patreon Family on a deep and hugely satisfying level. We are coming out of the dark and into the light this Friday, June 25th, with Kris Deelane and a fabulous episode about music, Kale, Tempeh & Black Bean Tacos and Oh-So-Good Avocado Margaritas! I can’t wait for you to hear it!

If you know of anyone with a creative cooking connection – artists, musicians, painters, poets, chefs, actors, foodies – reach out and let’s see about scheduling your time in the spotlight on the Marti’s Music Kitchen Podcast. Be on the lookout for the Season 1 Cookbook, diving into Summer collecting recipes for our MMK Friends and Family Cookbook and Season 3 coming – with the launch of Video Episodes.

Baby – We’re back, we’re connected and we’re going to be better than EVER!

 * To support this podcast with perks, at as little as $1 per month, checkout the Marti’s Music Kitchen Patreon Family of Supporters. BE a part of the connection!  


* Listen to Tahirah Memory in Season 2, Episode 32 Here: https://bit.ly/3zYtu7R

* Check out the Kris Deelane PREVIEW Episode here: https://bit.ly/3d6l44d

* Contact the Marti’s Music Kitchen Family with ideas for interviews: MMKGuests@gmail.com

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