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Mac Sabbath with Galactic Empire at Analog on 02/23/18 Photos


Mac Sabbath and Galactic Empire just brought there “I Got A Bad Feeling About This Tour” to Portland. With Mac Sabbath’s twisted version of Black Sabbath and Galactic Empire’s metal take on Star Wars music, this was a double bill not to miss. The sold-out Analog Theater gave Portland an intimate venue for them to perform.

Both bands just played in Boise the night prior. Through bad weather and much traveling, they made it here with no problem showing the dedication and hard work these guys do each and every night.

Mac Sabbath is a band based out of the Los Angeles area. When you combine Ozzy Osbourne with Ronald McDonald, you get the Ronald Osbourne, the band's wild lead singer. Ronald channels Ozzy nicely adding a “Weird Al” like twist on Black Sabbath classics. Songs like “Iron Man” are transformed into “Frying Pan” with “Paranoid” becoming “Pair-A-Buns”. With band mates, Slayer Mac Cheeze (guitar), Grimalice (bass), and the Cat Burglar (drums), this band puts on one silly, good time. There was a lot of rock, laughter and moshing. The Analog simply went nuts for these guys.

Galactic Empire are from a galaxy far, far away. The band includes Dark Vader (lead guitar), Shadow Ranger (guitar), Red Guard (guitar), Bass Commander (bass), and Boba Sett (drums) who transform Star Wars music classics into metal monsters. With all the love and passion for Star Wars, I can see this band really going to next level if given the chance. If the powers to be in the franchise would show their support, Galactic Empire could become something like a Trans-Siberian Orchestra if you will for Star Wars fans. If given the full support of staging and production, this could really be something big. At the Analog, the band showed its musical muscle and arranged the songs nicely. 

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