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King Louie and his wife, business partner and Queen Tracy Turner-Pain
King Louie and his wife, business partner and Queen Tracy Turner-Pain

King Louie: All about the Hammond B3 / CC#340

By TOM D'ANTONI // Louis Pain aka King Louie knows more about the Hammond B3 organ than nearly anyone. He's a master of playing and he also is the source for finding one to play since he runs a rental company with is wife Tracy Turner-Pain. Listen to the story of how a mucician at the Waterfront Blues festival nearly wrecked one Louis had carefully provided for Booker T.

The Waterfront Blues Festival is right around the corner…the Fourth of July weekend, as you know.

Over the years, OMN has given you inside looks at how it runs, besides keeping you informed about the musicians.

Today Louis Pain is here, or King Louie as he likes to be known. We all know he’s a master of the Hammond B-3, but did you know he has a thriving business renting them…including at the Blues Festival.

You’ll see two of them this year. He’ll be playing, of course, but so will any other musician who needs one.

We’ll take a medium deep dive into those strange creatures, the organs not the organists and hear about the time another musician messed with one that Booker T was going to play.

Here’s Louis Pain.

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