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Lisa Lepine / Photo by Jon Garcia
Lisa Lepine / Photo by Jon Garcia

Remembering Lisa Lepine, mentor, manager, publicist, pro-motion queen, friend...dead at 58 / July 5, 2016

By TOM D'ANTONI // Her talent for putting people together made her one of the most important figures in Oregon music for decades. "Dream. Do. Dazzle." We mark her July 5, 2016 passing.

The Waterfront Blues Festival had just wrapped up in its usual blaze of glory when the 4th of July fell on a Sunday. After spending four days working the OMN booth, I was bone-tired. Lisa Lepine, friend to all Oregon musicians had been fighting cancer and had just begun chemo. I dragged myself into the house only to receive a phone call that she had taken a turn for the worse and I should come to the hospital. I said what amounted to my last goodbyes to her. She died the next morning.

I had sworn never to write another obit, but what else could I do?

                                                                                                               -- Tom D'Antoni

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Lisa Lepine died this morning from complications after surgery for Grade 3 Stage 2 Endometrioid Carcinoma, uterine cancer. She had survived the surgery and had started chemotherapy but had developed an infection. Her immune system had been compromised and she did not survive the infection. She was taken off life support, per her advance directive, surrounded by family and friends. At the end they all sang "Amazing Grace" and the devices were stopped on the final note of the song.

Known by the entire Oregon Music industry as a tireless advocate for music and musicians, she had the unique talent of introducing people to others they should know and who might help them. She helped guide the careers of countless musicians and in turn, journalists who relied on her expertise, her compassion, inspiration and good humor.

Lisa was a unique woman and will never be forgotten.

She was a fighter and always positive and optimistic. In a June 3 email she wrote:

I trust my doctor - he seems to be one of the best and brightest in his field. His point of view is to mitigate any risk of recurrence and he has a sense of urgency due to the aggressive nature of my cancer. He is treating my case as if I was his mother!!

She began her cycle of chemo on June 23. In an email she wrote:

I am grateful for ObamaCare. Barack Obama, I love you.

I am grateful for the circle of friends who have helped me so gracefully with this first phase post operative.

I am grateful for my new mattress and new bedside music system!

I am grateful for my garden brimming with healthy greens for me to eat!

I am grateful for the visit of my dear friend who fixed all the things that were broken in my household and simplified systems so I will be more comfortable in the coming months.

I am grateful for Clarissa Pinkola Estes whose healing voice has been lulling me to sleep every night and filling my soul with her ideas about “The Joyous Body.” It is like having my own personal Lady of Guadalupe whispering to me nightly.

I am grateful to you and all my beloveds who send their prayers and good wishes to me across the many miles or just across town.

I feel supported and loved.

In another email she said:

Many blessings to all of you - who have your own paths of challenge both energetically and physically every day. 

Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other

In the final email sent to her friends on June 24, she said:

I know I have many in spirit with me on the journey!!
I follow the path. And it is golden.

Dream. Do. Dazzle

She was friend and counselor, mentor and manager, inspiration and positive force in the lives of everyone she touched. It would take a book to list all of the musicians and others in the music industry who loved her. Please take a moment and give us your thoughts at the bottom of the page.

Here is a video interview from 2011. She explains what her role was in music.

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karen fox

my dear darling good friend. I can't imagine our world without you. I love you and am heartbroken. rest in sweet peacee

Julia Heinzmann

So incredibly sad-cannot believe this has happened. What a powerhouse, a beautiful woman, energetic and giving. How blessed we all are to have come in contact with such an incredible person.


Lisa gave me vision when I became a freelancer outside the corporate media world and assured me I would survive and she connected me with her usual vigor, to artists who inspired. A very big empty space not easily filled.

Ginger Caviness

The Music industry has lost a true force for the love of music. Early on I met Lisa at a house pre party for Recless Kelly. She welcomed me always as her laughter stayed in the room while she tended to her guests. I am sorry to learn of her passing. Peace, Ginger Caviness, GC Productions

Ken Meyerson

SAD indeed. Always sweet, kind and caring. Wonderful to be in her presence. A dear lady that will be missed.

Ken Meyerson

SAD indeed. Always sweet, kind and caring. Wonderful to be in her presence. A dear lady that will be missed.

Kevin Moyer

Sad to hear this news. Lisa was as kind as she was talented and she will be missed.

Jon Martz

Our Band, Hollowdog was referred to Lisa. We had our music down, but were clueless about things like promotion. The musicians who referred us couldn't say enough nice things about her. We met and what a time we had! Lisa was gracious, patient and oh so knowledgeable. She didn't know us from Adam, but really cared about what we were doing. Her advice was encouraging, but reality based. Lisa is just a kind, caring human being. Words fail in expressing our sorrow at her passing. The music community has lost one of it's greatest boosters.

George DiVenuti

A few words simply can't do the powerhouse of Lisa Lepine justice. Artist. Music. Friend. Dolly Dart. Wisdom. Pragmatic. Light. Love. Heaven just got the best music promoter. Always love you Lisa

Lorien Fletcher

Thanks for being you and doing all that you did for musicians in this town. You will be missed by many.I am sad that I had not run into you lately. You left us far too early.

Kit Kennedy

So sorry to hear of Lisa's passing. I knew her as a little girl, a neighbor and a member of a unique family. A light has gone out and will be missed.

Dennise Kowalczyk

What a precious woman . Always full of kind energy. Always willing to bring people together. That smile! I will miss you, Lisa.

Momma Caroline

I can not count the hearts that are breaking today, there are way too many.

You are missed so much and it hurts so bad knowing your smile will not be seen at various shows it the future.

Rest in Peace

Carley Baer

When I first arrived in Portland in 2006, I was so fortunate to cross paths with Lisa. I first met her at PCC where she gave a two-day lecture on the business side of the music industry, then I interned for her, then I hired her for consultations for a few different bands of mine. Even as our paths diverged, she would keep me in mind and pass on articles that she thought I might find interesting. She was a positive force and I always felt like coming to her house for tea was like pressing the reset button and beginning my musical journey anew, with a clearer head and a greater sense of determination. And I'll always remember the pdxcreativexchange soirees and how many friendships arose out of that. Thanks for everything, Lisa. You are missed

Mike Jones

This is tragic news. I've worked with Lisa many times over the years and see her out and about all the time. She was such a positive force in our local music scene, a mentor to many and above all, a friend. I will miss her.

Anthony Sanchez

So sad to hear about this.
Lisa was a huge inspiration to me.
I was around 22yrs old throwing pizzas and Shows at this small restaurant called the moonlight theater in McMinnville Or and Lisa walked in one day when I was working behind the counter. She said she was driving through town and decided to stop by because she had heard that our little spot was throwing concerts and she wanted to check the space out. I gave her a quick tour of the Moonlight and she told me she had been hearing good things about the concerts being thrown at Moonlight. She then asked me who was promoting and throwing the concerts at the Theater. I shyly told her "me." She had a surprised look on her face and then quickly gave me a giant hug. And told me I was doing a great job. Which made me feel Amazing even tho I had only known her for about 5 minutes. She then gave me her card and told me if I ever decide to move to Portland to look her up.
About a year later I moved to Portland and I some how became Tres Shannon's booking and promotions assistant at Berbatis Pan. I really had no idea what I was doing at the time but I had Lisa's business card. And I used it and I used it a lot. She was a giant help to me in getting started. She introduced me to a thousand amazing bands and local scenesters. Even after I moved into mostly booking hip hop acts she was always there to lend her encouragement. She taught me that people like her and I are what help keep Portland weird, alive and fun. Lisa is Portland! She will be deeply missed by so many especially myself.

Rest In Peace Lisa.

Tracy Grammer

"Clear light through smoke and ash / and balmy seas where breakers crash and roll... Gentle soldier of my soul." --Dave Carter

I love you Lisa.

Ellen Marie Hannan

Lisa, my sweet, dear old friend. You will always be such a part of my own life history in Portland. It is just too sad to lose you so early, and just when I was so looking forward to dancing with you into the future. I will never ever forget you. XO

Debra Giannini

A Portland music scene legend for all of my many years here, we'd just begun our friendship and talks about how to do what next . . . she was a living treasure, and her good deeds and intelligence ripple on and on . . .

Marti Mendenhall

I am just crushed by this news. Lisa was an amazing mentor and friend. She helped me get a footing in the music world, she connected me with people - and new friends. My deepest condolences to her close friends and family. I still had so much to learn from her. RIP, Lisa - I already miss you.


I love who we all are because of you. We will continue to live your dream...

Peter Vaughan Shaver

This is beyond tragic. Everyone loves Lisa and she has been a tireless advocate for musicians in this town for a long time. I have not felt this sad in a very long time.

Nicole Campbell

Such a huge loss to the Portland music scene. Lisa was such an icon in so many ways and counseled hundreds of us through our early music careers. She will be very sorely missed. Please let us know if there is going to be a service the public might attend.

Lewi Longmire

Lisa was always the strongest cheerleader for any creative project I was involved in. When I was first considering stepping out from being only a side-man instrumentalist and performing my own songs, she was the first and strongest voice urging me to follow the muse and the creative path that I sought for myself. She helped give me the confidence to follow my dream, even though I was getting such a late start on being a songwriter. I never heard her criticize ANYTHING. I cannot possibly repay the debt I owe to her for her belief in me, other than they my best to be as enthusiastic and supportive of others as she was. Godspeed, you dazzling dreamer. You did all you could for everyone, all the time. I love you.

Katie Dady

You will be missed so much my old friend!

Heather Dailey

She was a beautiful soul in the PDX music community for sure. Many, including my dear Husband Mike talked very highly of her. I'm glad she is not suffering any more & I say prayers for her family and the many loved ones she left behind. A very sad day in deed.

Jo Haemer

Lisa was so positive, so loving, so supportive to so many of us I can't begin to imagine the world without her. She was my friend, mentor, advisor and booking person. She always had a kind word and positive messages. She was so beloved by so many and left this world a better place. See you on the other side Lisa.

Julie Joachims

My dear, beautiful friend passed this morning surrounded by family, friends and song-just like she lived her days! We will be celebrating Lisa with song and each other tonight at the Kennedy School gym, 7-10. If you knew and loved Lisa-join us and bring your instrument. I will never forget all that was Lisa Lepine. Dream. Do. Dazzle!

Skip vonKuske

Lisa is loved so much. She was surrounded by people who still love her and her spirit is in the ether surrounding us. Her impact on my life can't be summed up in 2000 characters. Beautiful tribute Tom. It means a lot to me and those closest to her that you passed the news on. Her last email to me was June 29. Always supportive she wrote:
"Your works gave me solace.
and I am glad you could bring the energy of that drive and reflection
to heal others.

also I AM SO PROUD of you for this newest release....might you bring
me a copy? (I did)

I can't believe it had been so long since the other cd....but now I feel some
flood gates opened in you. Here's to music pouring forward!"
I love you Lisa Lepine. Thank you for the inspiration.
Thank you for 12 years of representation. Have an amazing journey. We will meet again.

Paulette Rees-Denis

Her spirit still flies, her goodness has filled us all... I am honored to have known you Lisa... RIP...so much love and admiration for you sister!


I am shocked at Lisa's passing. She was the publicist for my first Portland CD and release show. I still have a poster she had done for that show on my closet door. We sure had Fun! She will be missed by many artists and friends~

Lisa Marsicek

This is such sad news. Lisa was a powerhouse, full of creative and organizational energy. A kind, loving person and an inspiration to work with. I will miss her.

Ray Woods

I am heartbroken to lose my dear friend of 25+ years. I know she was a friend and mentor and advocate to so many and we will all miss her. Lisa Lepine was truly a beautiful soul. There are no words to express what an inspiration Lisa was. She literally saw the potential in everyone, and man did she work, creatively and tirelessly to help them on their path. I feel like there is no one that saw more in me, something I will always remember and honor. I remain part of a broad community that she helped build and foster, one with no limits. I think the best thing we can do is to continue with what Lisa always said: To Dream, and to Do.

Alexa Wiley

There is no one like Lisa. She was a gift to those who knew her, a fountain of life and creative energy. She gave us so much and I personally am changed from her influence and love. Thank you Lisa. Thank you for believing in us. For being in our corner. For listening. For holding so much space in order that we might bloom. You are irreplaceable.

Missi & Mister Baker

It's hard to put into words what a special force of Nature she was and continues to be. We learned so much about who we are as musicians by listening to Lisa's advice about being ourselves and engaging our authentic authority. What an honest person. What a beautiful soul. We'll miss her so much.

Rachel Risor

I love you Lisa! You always brightened up the room and everyone you came in contact with! Our lives are better because of you! You were always encouraging, giving and loving. I never saw you not happy. I will miss talking with you and seeing you! You were taken too soon! Love you!

Erik J. Hilden

I remember her well. Back in the day, she tried to help my then band, Henry Moon. We all hung in the same circles and Lisa was larger than life...a legend in that time and this one, a savior to many Portland bands who were trying to make a go. I cannot say that we were all that close, but her wisdom and guidance was invaluable and the loss of her is reverberating all the way over here, in Charleston, SC.
Her spirit remains and for that we should all be grateful. RIP, Ms. LePine. The world is no better for your leaving us, but our memory of you shall love on and bring us many smiles and tears and rain and sunshine. Thank you for your dedication to Portland Musicians.

Kate Sokoloff

Lisa was a booster for all things cool and vibrant in Portland. Such a force for music! Did she ever NOT have a smile and an air of mischief about her? Kind and generous in an industry that isn't always so, she will be sorely missed by this town.

Lisa Bennett

Lisa spoke at many Business for the Musician seminars at Portland Community College. I met her there and was inspired by the love and energy. She put so many hours into helping others succeed and I hope everyone who knew her continues that practice. So sad to hear this news. Sending love and positive energy to friends in the music community.
Lisa Bennett

Sherry pendarvis

Lisa will be remembered by the many many people whose lives she touched. Love to you Lisa!

Steve Einhorn

I'm happy and blessed to know you and so sad to lose you, friend. Your spirit is engulfed in love from all of us who love you, Lisa

David Cooley

Will soooo miss you, Lisa. Thank you for the best help and the sweetest attention I have ever received in my showbiz career. Farewell, my Queen.

Susan Powell

What a shocking and incredible loss. I first met Lisa at a 2-day Music Business Seminar where she was a key speaker and I was so inspired and intrigued by her and by what she had to say. I had to personally meet her after the Seminar. She was so gracious and funny and very intelligent and motivating. I thought she was in her 30's as she was so vibrant and full of energy and radiated love and enthusiasm. I saw her again at a PCC show and she was up dancing to the PCC band performance. The last time I saw her was at a local show for a band she was promoting and she was dancing. I couldn't resist going up to her to say hello and gave her a big hug. She will be missed by so many people. She inspired me and so many others to pursue music with a passion and she had so many valuable tools and insight into how to succeed in a very difficult industry. This is so hard to believe and happened so swiftly. The world will be a little darker without her.

Richard Layton

Lisa was definitely a "lightworker" - someone attuned to the stirrings of others' souls and a catalyst for bringing hearts' desires onto canvas, paper and stage. Her motto and her memory will continue to inspire us all: "Dream. Do. Dazzle."

Rene Ormae-Jarmer, Here Comes Everybody

So shocked and saddened to hear about Lisa. She was such an enthusiastic supporter and local music advocate. Cancer sucks. Sending love and light to her family.

Robyn Schultze

Since the first time we met, 1992, a connection was formed that will not be broken even in death.

Tim Dawdy

Lisa Lepine
Portland's Music Queen
The loyal shed a tear.

A royal one
Who was so much fun
She brightened up our years.

Her castle had no moat
Just Ed’s old boat
And that classic car

Now she gone
Our hearts will long
For Portland Fallen Star

Tracy Salsbery

Love to you and your family! May you rest in peace, Pro Motion Queen!

Heidi McBride

Lisa lived her passion every day. She believed in people, potential and possibility; she shined like the crown halo she wore in good times and in difficult times; she sang though her actions and embodied strength. I love Lisa for never wasting a moment to share her love and goodness. She was an inspiration. The loss leaves a hole in Portland and in all of us who were lucky enough to share share her.

Pat Nason

Reading the beautiful comments about Lisa makes me sorry I did not know her. I love her admonition: Be kind to yourself. Be kind to each other. Our music community in LA lost a few people this year who shared with Lisa a great love for music and a great talent for bringing people together around music -- enriching all of our lives in beautiful, unexpected and -- we must hope -- lasting ways.

Wynter Byrnes

Lisa Lepine truly changed the direction of my life. I did an internship with her and learned so much and met so many wonderful people through her. Bless you on your next journey.

Pam Arsenault

Oh, Lisa! So hard to believe that this friend of decades isn't still sharing the earth with all of us who loved her. A sad, sad day. Can't write any stories about Lisa right now. I'm too stunned.

Scott Worthington

so sad the reaper this year seems to be so much more greedy than in years past, and it is always the good ones chosen!, i had spent many nights talking to her sitting in the basement of the Crystal Hotel , Al's Den, where she would help tralving musicians fill their slots with like minded or even unlike minded but who would and were a good fit for the respective styles of music! that was really my only connection, but you could always see the joy in her face, she had a face that smiled without any effort on her part and i think that is the quality that brought me to her in the first place.

Tara Velarde

Lisa was the person who pulled me (at the time a naive, intimidated musician with some talent) and gave me a good dose of reality and a list of things to get to work on. I owe so much of my progress to her. Truly a friend and a good person.

Kevin Barber

Lisa taught me much during my time in Portland. Her energy and vision are greatly missed. My deepest condolences..

Pilar French

My mind cannot accept the loss of Lisa but I know she is gone because I feel so heartsick. She was a mentor, a connector, a life coach, a friend. She helped people realize their dreams and encouraged artists to be brave and authentic. The Portland art community no doubt prospered through her support. Rest in peace dear Lisa.

Margot Monti

Lisa was a tireless source of inspiration and courage and encouragement. She was always surrounded by good music and great people and made everyone around her feel respected and appreciated. I am stunned by her loss and our community will miss her deeply. We are all better for having known her.

Matt Meighan

What a great loss - very sad! Lisa was an amazing connector of people and an inspiration and guide to so many musicians. We'll miss you, Lisa.

Susan Stelljes

Lisa, you were an amazing friend to people. It's been a while since we spoke. But I will always remember what you did for David H. and some of the amazing parties we all had.

Randall Givens

Her gift for encouragement lifted entire venues and all involved. I remember listening to her working the phone as I was waking up when we were all on the road. Her patience and persistence was truly amazing. I will miss her as will everyone who knew her . She set the example and showed the way "Dream Do Dazzle" she did indeed!

Greg St. Martin

Very sad news. Lisa was a great help to me when I was starting my agency. Generous, warm, real.


HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU Lisa Lapine, until we meet again. I was an East Ave bartender back in the 90's when I met Lisa. She was the very heart of the life of the party wherever she was. The angels are singing her home I hope.

Kaytea Moreno Elst

Heartbreaking to hear ... A kind person loved how she supported local music Rip lisa

Cathy Marshall

I'm stunned. How could her exuberance be silenced? As a reporter who relied on her expertise, I mourn the loss of someone who truly knew what it took to put together a good compelling story . . . she went above and beyond.

Steve R

Lisa was a major hub in the music scene in Portland. She put music and musicians first and wanted them to succeed. She loved to bring people together and network toward their success. She was very good at listening to and organizing people. I will miss Lisa's friendship.

Molly Cliff Hilts

Lisa, you are a force of nature and I am stunned that you are gone. The world is not the same without you here. I feel blessed to have known you. Thank you for your love, light, wisdom, energy, passion and tireless support. I miss you, sister.

Shannon Eoff

Hard to accept this. She was such a visionary and light in the local music world. She took my silly little music project seriously and helped me believe in myself. She had no deference for rich, poor, famous, or not. Let that light shine on, Lisa. You are an inspiration.

Nicole Lane

I am heartsick. Lisa was an extraordinary woman, friend, teacher and collaborator. I've always called her my "mentrix"...she taught me more than I could ever write out...beyond teaching, mentoring me in music PR way back when and connecting me with dozens, she was a steadfast supporter and dear friend with whom I could share anything. Oh how I'll miss her laugh and her dreams and ideas, times in her backyard and home..and wish there had been more of that in the past couple years. Dream. Do. Dazzle...yes, indeed.

rachel taylor brown

What a loss. Thank you, Lisa. You'll be so missed, and ever remembered.

Kristi hofer

I have known Lisa for 20 years she is a friend and someone that was a big part of my music at my bar the Northshore bar and grill in bingen Washington. She gave me so much inspiration and truly made my music scene. We have been in touch moving music between hood river Stevenson and Portland also off shows around the country. I'm in tears tonight finding out that she has passed. She was a good friend and someone I always looked forward to talking to and sharing stories. Prayers with family. I love Lisa Lapine

Marti Welch

Lisa was an amazing artist herself. I have several of her paintings that I bought from her back in the 80's before she got into music. She was a very talented, loving person that will be sorely missed!

Sunny Clark

Devastating news for so many who loved her and her great spirit. It's hard to imagine the Portland music scene without Lisa Lepine. RIP.

Nina Akin

I am shocked and so deeply saddened. Lisa's joyful spirit was a beacon of light for so many. Her ability to embrace and encourage her friends and clients was a unique and cherished gift to us. She will be so deeply missed.

Tony Starlight

I was looking through an old day timer not too long ago and noticed a lunch scheduled with Lisa from 1994. I hadn't realized I had known her for so long. She was a tremendously positive force in the music industry and in the community. Without a doubt she inspired me and countless others to dream, do and dazzle.

Ben Davis

What a loss for the Portland music scene. Lisa was a great resource in getting our band up and going. We'll miss our visits in her living room surrounded by Little Buddha's and Ganesh's. Such passion for music and those who make it.


So long Dear Lisa! You have always been the classiest advocate, center of musical influence and devoted spokeswoman in our Portland community. What a wonderful pleasure it has been to know you. We love you and your unconditional support of our creative careers. Thanks for shearing your open heart and brilliant ideas with us. Happy Heavenly Trails ~~~~~~~ Dan'l

Jean-Pierre Garau

Alas, dear Lisa, I knew you not nearly well enough - our paths crossing infrequently. I do remember visiting with you at the Alberta Rose - it may have been at Janice Scroggin's Raise the Roof, or at a Billie Holiday event - or both. What I recall is that you had an inviting, friend-making and generous spirit. We chatted like long friends. Thank you for that. I trust you are dazzling and doing I your new forever home, and I look forward to picking up where we left off. Ciao for now. - JP

Deb Katz

I am shocked and saddened by this news. I just saw Lisa at a friend's gig a few weeks ago. She hadn't seen me for several years but greeted me warmly and asked about my music. I told her I need to find someone to play music with again, and she said "ask for exactly what you want, and don't settle."

I was touched by her caring after having not seen her in such a long time. That's just who she was. I also never forgot branding advice she gave me when I consulted with her years ago. I will miss Lisa.

Kristina Butters

I was saddened to hear this news about Lisa. I remember Lisa as such a positive, energetic spirit who loved to be involved in the arts. Sending warm thoughts your way Lisa and be at peace.

Anne Roos

I am saddened to hear of the loss of a very important music mentor to me. Lisa was a champion of musicians like no other. Although she resided in Portland, she defied boundaries--I am in California and met with her via Skype. I'll miss Lisa's cheery, unique style, and mostly her friendship and kindness.

Carol Jordan

She sounds like she was an amazing woman...like her sister's.

Cat Smith

Dance your way to your new life Lisa. And thanks for all the warm loving friendship, undimmed by distance and time.

Ashley Kaiser

Lisa helped me at a time when, as an artist and in my life in general, I was going through some very difficult life challenges. She instilled confidence in me about my talent which helped me heal artistically and personally. Thank you Lisa. I will never forget your positive, encouraging, guidance and support.

Cynthia Kirk

Lisa and I were in a women's group in my early years in Portland. She was a unique spirit, so imaginative, creative and free, who cold make a lot fom very little. One summer, she found a way to put aa bathtub in her north Portlland backyard , and used it for it intended purpose! She was also devoted to her family, paricularly her aged aunts In Vermont. Herstories about them brought those faraway, unknown women to vivid life. Her health was always precarious, even though she was far from frail. I'd lost touch with her in recent years and did not know she was suffering from cancer. Her path is indeed Golden. Love.

Kelley Burke

To many, Lisa was the first or even the only person to tell them they really could be the musician or artist they have always been. She was the only person to give many people the encouragement and tools they needed to pursue their life as a creative being. She did so much good and will be so very missed!

cinda johnson

Lisa helped launch my creative ideas into a business that worked and at the same time following my heart and passions. I'm forever grateful to her for who she was and what she taught me. Thank you, sweet Lisa.

Jan Mancuso

Ms. Lisa ~ a maven of unusual size and reach with a heart big as all outdoors. Irreplaceable. RIP.

kym gordon-cumbo

Lisa and I met through SoulCollage and then attended the Women of Wisdom Conference together in 2013 and our friendship blossomed. She and Fred and I attended one of her young artists that she was promoting and hung out in the sun. Lisa was so supportive of my coaching and after a workshop I gave, she was gracious in giving me some feedback that changed how I hold my workshops. I was lucky last summer to attend one of her Garden Parties after I had had a hip replacement. She would send me emails and facebooks with links that she thought would be useful to me. I in turn sent Reiki. I am sad that I did not know the full extent of her illness. I am glad that she is no longer in pain and her beautiful spirit has ascended, yet saddened that the friend/mentor/manager/support that Lisa was to so many people have to hold her now in our heart and memories instead of hearing her voice and laugh that was Lisa's very own. I know you are on a new journey. Blessed Be. Namaste. Mitakweoyasin. Aymen. Love you Lisa


Years ago Lisa helped me come up with Jessie Rae's tag line of "roots pop with a blues edge." I am grateful to her for that. May she rest in peace.

martha moore

Rest in Peace beautiful one. xo

Danny Carbo

Lisa was truly a shining star within the Portland music community. I count myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with her, and to call her my friend. She was the sixth member of Thrillbilly, and without her, we would have struggled to ever make it out of the basement. We all owe her a never-ending debt of gratitude. Thank you for all for all that you did, do, were and still are! You are one in a million, Lisa Lepine! I love you! Dream. Do. Dazzle....

Megan Clark Turner

Although I did not get the chance to know Lisa well, I was always aware of her gracious gifts to the musicians and music lovers of the Portland music scene. I always appreciated her laughter and the way she listened. I liked her very much, and always got a warm greeting from her. I am so sad to hear of her illness and early passing!, But I am not surprised at her lovely words of grace and positivity- she was a remarkable woman...she is a remarkable soul. Rest in peace. You are truly loved.

mike goss

what an absolute lovely mentor to get my son's Brady's career off the ground. Such a caring loving person. We are grateful for the opportunity and good fortune to have shared a part of our lives with Lisa....we will miss her.

Holly Justice

Thank you for the beautiful article. We had no idea and are deeply touched by her death. Honored to have shared many laughs with Lisa! Holly & Solo

Carlos Severe Marcelin

she connected so many people, this city would not be the same if she wasn't such a part of it. I am proud to say she connected me to my wife, Sally Tomato aka Toni at a Two Louies party last century. thank you Lisa for how you affected my life and so many others. a Cupid, a connector of dots, a beautiful angel, a smart business person, a brilliant marketist

Diana Berger

Lisa was full of zest and larger than life even as a child! Such a sad shock to hear of her passing; she was a beautiful soul, irreplaceable and unforgettable. RIP, my childhood friend, you are gone too soon!!


Thank you Lisa for all you have done for Portland music and for the artists that performed during your reign. Brighter is the path for you having walked it. Much Light Always

Tom Hale

Thanks for the piece Tom. You knew Lisa well. And thanks all for the remembrances - keep archiving the testimony. The body of work was people, and what a body of work it proves to be.

ohad mandelbaum

meet lisa at esalen a few years back she was a light shinning bright.will remember her grace and positive energy.may her soul rest in peace.

Patrick Lamb

Astounded and saddened. She encouraged me many times over the years.... she was always willing to share her encyclopedic knowledge of the business. One of a kind ... we will miss you!

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