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"Justice" - Dumpstaphunk

Released today, for good reason

Ivan" Neville says, 

"And lest anyone think that the timing of today's release -- the morning before Donald Trump is officially sworn into office as president of the United States of America -- was a coincidence, think again.

"In light of certain messages and overall tones of acceptance, or lack thereof, being voiced by many over recent months, inauguration day seemed to be an appropriate time to voice the need for equal say and opportunity for all people," Ian Neville said. "We entered a new year with a lot of unanswered questions on the subject of 'justice' that we all felt a little uneasy about. But there's only so much we can do, and this track is our way of expressing our worries. That being said, I stand behind Obama in his words: 'A new future is ours to write. And I'm as confident as ever that it will be led by the United States of America -- and that our best days are still ahead.'"

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