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Josh in Nashville before the show.
Josh in Nashville before the show.

Josh Malm Tree: Coffeeshop Conversation #77 Our Redwood Son moves to Nashville

By TOM D'ANTONI // Why is one of Portland favorite (Redwood) sons taking off for Nashville?

Hi there, welcome to another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation from World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th and Glisan in Portland. I’m Tom D’Antoni

Last week, we sat down with singer/songwriter Josh Malm Tree, just a few days before he moved to Nashville.

He was a part of the Eckrich Music City Sing Off on Tuesday night (October 11), but he’s fixin’ to stay a while and try his hand and career there after a lifetime in Portland and decades being and playing in Redwood Son.

Yes, he’s taking a chance.

No, he didn’t win. But on his Facebook page, he said this, written above the video of his son who was unhappy that dad lost,  “This is what I told Kaden, and it applies to Life in general. There's no such thing as "losing" when you're following your heart & working hard to achieve any dream that speaks to you.

Sometimes, people get tied up in destinations. My personal preference is to enjoy the entire journey, and... (perspective IS power).

Thank You ALL for supporting Me, and please know that I feel like a winner tonight. There are many more things behind the scenes that I'm very exited about! This is just the beginning”

Let’s hear the whole story:

About that video he was talking about. Things got so hectic as he was getting ready to leave that he and the editor were not able to deliver it. Now that the contest is over and things begin to smooth out, as soon as it's finished, we'll put it up for you.

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Kirsten Muir

Such an amazing man, father, and artist. A true visionary. Keep up the good work, Joshua!

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