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Josh Allan Malm: Mini Coffeeshop Conversations #2 / Tales of the new album

By TOM D'ANTONI // The LP version of his new album is available at Music Millennium beginning Saturday, May 6.

This is the second of our Coffeeshop Conversations Mini-episodes. Yes, I said “mini.” Even the world “campy” is campy, I know. Whatever.

Josh Malm has been here before. On his new album, Saints & Renegades, he’s billing himself as Josh Allan Malm, he’s aka Redwood Son, also the name of his band, he’s been known as Josh Malmtree and I think Prince. Maybe not.

He’s releasing his new album as an LP, available only at Music Millennium at first, with a rollout later on.

He was here a few months ago talking about a prospective move to Nashville. We’ll see how that went. We’ll also find out how it felt to have the new album recorded and ready to go and then sit on it for three years.

The life of a musician huh?

Anyway, Josh is an interesting cat. Why else would I have invited him back?

Let’s catch up and find out about the new album…and hear a track when we’re done talking.


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