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John Waters: His Christmas show returns to the Aladdin Tuesday, November 30 at the Aladdin, Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music#320

By TOM D'ANTONI // John Waters returns with his "John Waters Christmas" show at the Aladdin Theater Tuesday, November 30 and he has lots to say about it.

John Waters returns to Portland for his Christmas show on Tuesday, November 30 at the Aladdin Theatre after not doing the show in the evil 2020.

It’s his annual “John Waters Christmas” full of holiday cheer, John Waters style.

I’ve known John since 1970 when he was the outrageous underground film maker and I was the editor of the hippie newspaper in Baltimore Maryland.

Matter of fact, near the end of our conversation John brings up a house that we shared serially. He moved out and we moved in. It was in that living room that Divine was raped by a giant lobster.

Say hi to John Waters.

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