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Guitarist John Stowell: A new album and a busy schedule despite / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #280

By TOM D'ANTONI // John Stowell has not missed a beat, a new album, lots of teaching and gigs including one on Saturday 2/20 at The Sea Crab House in Seaside.

 It used to be more difficult to catch up in person with guitarist John Stowell. That’s because he used to spend so much of his life on the road, playing and teaching. Since we’re currently Skyping instead, it’s not so hard..

There’s not been a lot of travelling or live playing going on as you may have heard. Fortunately John had been teaching online for years before the current tribulation, so he was prepared when it happened.

 He has a new album with Dan Dean called Rain Painting…you can hear the title tune at the end of our conversation.

John has a huge body of work over a long period of time but he has never stopped growing as an artist.

He’s got a couple of gigs coming up, we’ll hear about that and many other things in the world of John Stowell.


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