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Jeremy Wilson and his friend Mic
Jeremy Wilson and his friend Mic

Jeremy Wilson on the Next Waltz, the Foundation and the music / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #404

By TOM D'ANTONI // Jeremy Wilson is here to let us in on the preparations for this weekend's annual The Next Waltz concert and how the Foundation is doing and what's up with him?

I think this is the first time we’ve ever run two Coffeeshop Conversations in one week. It’s because of the concerts both Ben Darwish and Jeremy Wilson are doing this week and weekend.

Jeremy Wilson is, of course, known for his music. He was a member of the Dharma Bums and others. But he is also known and loved for starting the Jeremy Wilson Foundation which helps fund medical bills for musicians.

There are several fund-raising musical events during the course of the year. One happens this weekend at the Alberta Rose Theatre. It’s the Next Waltz during which a whole lot of our finest musicians sing and play all of the tunes from the movie, The Last Waltz which was the final concert by The Band.

As of Tuesday, November 21, Friday and Saturday, November 24 &  25 are sold out but there are some tickets available for Sunday, November 26/

Let’s catch up on the concert preparations, the work of the foundation and what’s up with one of Oregon’s favorite dudes, Jeremy Wilson.


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