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Jimmy Mak's painting by Diane Russell
Jimmy Mak's painting by Diane Russell

JD Stubenberg: No...Jimmy Mak's is not a dead issue / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #286

By TOM D'ANTONI // JD Stubenberg and Lisa Boyle are still at work on the new Jimmy Mak's four years after it closed. That's a ray of hope in bad times for music and musiciains. JD tells us about it.

It might be hard to believe but it’s been four years since Jimmy Mak’s closed. It was Oregon’s top music club. It closed the day before owner Jimmy Makarounis passed away.

Two key employees JD Stubenberg and Lisa Boyle took up the quest to make a new Jimmy Mak’s and they were poised to make that happen when the pandemic hit.

I think most of us figured that if the existing music clubs were closed, any chance of a new Jimmy Mak’s was dead.

Well, guess what? They’re still at it and making plans to begin construction on the new Jimmy Mak’s.

JD is on Skype with me to tell us all about it and also about a new organization to aid musicians in distress.

It’s hard to imagine JD and Lisa’s friendly faces bringing great music to us again, but we can use all the hope we can get.

JD and I just kind of fell into our conversation, like we always do.

Here's the video JD was telling us about:

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