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New Jimmy Mak's at NW 12th & Hoyt...ready for construction.
New Jimmy Mak's at NW 12th & Hoyt...ready for construction.

J.D. Stubenberg: Coffeeshop Conversations #177 / All about the new Jimmy Mak's

By TOM D'ANTONI // "J.D." the friendly face behind the bar at Jimmy Mak's has been working all this time to bring back the club. It's almost here!

Dunno when you’re hearing this but in real time, this is the week before Christmas and all through the OMN house and at World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th & Glisan, we’re celebrating the return of Jimmy Mak’s with J.D. Stubenberg.

Happy holidays from all us OMN’ers.

And you heard me right, a new Jimmy Mak’s with J.D. and Lisa Boyle the faces behind the bar for all those years, back and this time in charge.

It won’t be until spring but they have a building a few blocks from the old place, and it’s ready for interior construction.

Oh boy!

Let’s find out all about it.

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