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James Latham: The Tom Waits Tribute Show - Coffeeshop Conversations #356

By TOM D'ANTONI // James Latham, the mastermind behind the Tom Waits Tribute on Sunday, November 6 at Alberta St. Theater says why and how.

We’ve got some exciting Coffeeshop Conversations coming up. In the next three weeks we’ll have Jeremy Wilson,  Miz Etta, Arietta Ward and also pianist Kerry Politzer in the Artichoke Café.

Today James Latham is here with me. He’s the mastermind behind the Tom Waits tribute show on Sunday, November 6 at the Alberta Rose Theater.

We’ll find out the lineup of Portland singers and players who are tackling the Tom Waits canon.

It’s a benefit concert, too.

How does something like this happen?

He’ll tell us why and how.

Meet James Latham.

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