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I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House at Dantes on 12/15/17 Photos/review

By Brent Angelo //

It was 2002 when I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House’s cd Creepy Little Noises first came out. That album and those that followed were rock records fueled by rock passion and were honest even brutal in its song writing. At the band’s core is Michael Dean Damron. This band’s music is fueled by the world seen through his eyes.

Mike holds no punches to those he sees needing them in his songs and on the other hand he also pours his soul out in places of love and respect. This year marked the bands 15th anniversary of Creepy Little Noises after the band first began in 2001. For this special occasion, they decided to do what they do best and play live in concert to celebrate the anniversary. Creepy Little Noises fitfully kicked off the show. American F**k Machine followed and put things in overdrive. This is where the SOBs shine.

Heavy guitars, a monster low end, a fiery harmonica and Mike D simply going off. Mike made time for the stripped-down side and the show had it’s from the heart moments too. He sang the song, Puppy Dog about his beloved dog, who sadly he lost. Show highlights included Bad Days Ahead and a cool cover of the AC/DC’s classis Long Way to the Top in tribute of Malcom Young’s passing. After the SOBs destroyed Fred Phelps in song and ended their set with a thunderous Hayward, the crowd showed they were not done and made it known they wanted more.

The SOBs came back for an encore. To big applause, they rocked Mayberry and then followed it with a monster version on Gone. In the end, Mike paid another respect to his Lil’ Mike with Little Hero to close out the night. After 15 years on rocking places like Dantes, making great rock records, this band showed their rock passion and on-stage brotherhood is still strong. The fire in this group remains and now burns even hotter. Here is to the next 15 you rockin’ SOBs.

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