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I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House at Dantes 20th Anniversary on 02/06/20

By BRENT ANGELO // As part of Dante's 20th anniversary celebration, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House returned to the scene of the crimes.

There was a rare sighting recently in the Portland area. Dante’s just celebrated their 20th anniversary and to celebrate the club got the guys from I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House back together to christen the event.

ICLASOBITH is heart and soul rock n’ roll. At the band’s core is the band’s leader, guitar player and singer, Michael Dean Damron. Michael simply pours his heart out into his songwriting. He holds no punches in his songs, shows no mercy to the people he despises and shows his genuine side for the ones he loves. With Trump just acquitted, fuel was thrown on his fire, so long time fans expected him to come out punching. However, Mike came out…..happy and with his band mates John Burbank (guitar), Mole Harris (bass), David Lipkind (harmonica) and Flapjack Texas (drums),

ICLASOBITH played a blistering set that only made longtime fans and Dante’s proud. Highlights included “Swear To God” (originally from Mikes’s solo record “Bad Days Ahead”) , the band unleashed on “Gone”, “Westboro Baptist Church” was not on the setlist but thankfully got its live chance as that song is their middle finger anthem to those they hate the most and “American Fuck Machine” wildly ended their set. ICLASOBITH would touch on albums that went back to their very beginnings. “Creepy Little Noises” from their first 2002 started with Mike playing a moody solo section and the band soon come in to add their layers of sound. John Burbank for one played some nice slide work on the song’s solo.

Dantes may have been having a 20th anniversary celebration, but this band of musicians, friends, “brothers” were celebrating their history as well. There is a true passion and fire with this band live, raw, spiritual and full of emotion. 

The Savage Family Band opened the show.

Dantes 20th Anniversary Celebration
I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In the House
02-06-2020 Set list
(original set list was rewrote, then revised live)
A Good Day To Be A Bad Husband
Swear To God
Bad Days Ahead
Hotter Hell
I Give Up (The Puppy Song)

Westboro Baptist Church
Creepy Little Noises
Hayward, CA ‘76
American Fuck Machine


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