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Tyrone Hendrix: One busy musician/club owner / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #348

By TOM D'ANTONI // We caught drummer Tyrone Hendrix just before he went on the road. He's got a million things going all at once. Find out what.

From the cozy Artichoke Music Café, I’m glad you joined us again. This week sitting across from me is one of Portland’s best drummers, Tyrone Hendrix who plays in several bands, we’ll get an update on that.

He’s also a part owner of the Alberta Street Pub where he has had a hand in booking and playing, of course.

We’ll also find out about his son who is also a drummer…..and the rest of his family.

Next week, another drummer and also a music journalist, Tim DuRoche will be here. I’d better sharpen my brain for that one. Tim is deep.

Of course, so is Tyrone. He took time out of a very busy schedule to visit. He’s going out on the road among many other things. Here’s Tyrone Hendrix.


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