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Heart Hunters Hit the Jackpot! Duo visits Inessa / audio

By INESSA // Heart Hunters: Out of Darkness Into Light at Robin Road

Where we live matters in unexpected ways when rolling the creative up that hill. Be it immersion in the endless dark, low, wet overcasts. Or the struggle to overcome endless blue sky and sun. Somewhere, the two meet. The dark and the light.


Last time Bri and Drew stopped over, it was the lightest part of our year. They were still known as Pretend Sweethearts. That was about a year and a half ago in July. Now it’s time to play catch-up, as many of us do this time of year; it finds us traveling to see friends and family. Teri Briggs, Wayne, and Robert Parish opened the door to one of our favorite traveling families, Heart Hunters.


Robert, Teri, and I knew we had only a small window of opportunity to spend with our Heart Hunters, Drew and Bri, during their Portland visit. December 21st seemed a good time, PLUS! an auspicious day for all of us, as it turned out to be on the shortest and darkest day of the year… (Tarot Cards were dusted off!)

All of us have stayed in touch since Bri and Drew moved back to Drew’s hometown town of Atlanta. Many reasons for leaving the heartspace of Portland, they told us. This evening? A chance to talk about the move, finding the perfect place to find a new home, outside of not so affordable Atlanta. They found Fife, not too far from the city, yet out in the country, on acreage, and far from the madding sound of freeways. Get caught up on the new home, new band name, and thoughts about a new album HERE. And then, let’s fast forward into the now and the future.

The new record is nearing completion. In fact, when Bri and Drew came over for our gathering, it had just been mastered. We got down to the important ‘bringing us up to speed’ bit. The new record, they told us, is “more rock n roll”. Bri added that it feels and sounds like summer. No wonder. Written in Georgia in the summer while previous songs were written in Portland. In the rain. They both could hear and feel the difference a geographic location can make. And even more importantly, both songwriters were typically steeped in metaphor, as Bri put it. But this time, Drew admitted they were ready to embrace their political identities. They “organically got to a bunch of political sentiments”. The album was made in Nashville earlier this year, under the watchful eye and ear of Peter Case. Ready to be gifted in the Spring of 2018.

As Drew quipped, it happened in”the winter of our discontent”.  But there are bright aspects of darkness. We explore both sides, in our conversation.

And below, a little video action courtesy of Teri. You can tell, we really enjoy getting philosophical.  Robert will give us the full video piece in January, that was shot for Musicians Rising Up.

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