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Greg Goebel: Versatility at the keyboard / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #367

By Tom D'Antoni // Keyboardist/composer Greg Goebel makes Jazz-centered music even when he's starting with a popular tune. Listen to one of his own pieces at the end of our conversation.

From the Café at Artichoke Music it’s OMN’s Coffeeshop Conversations.

This time with me here is pianist/composer Greg Goebel, known for his virtuosity as well as his versatility. We’ll get into that and at the end of our conversation we’ll here one of his compositions.

He’ll also talk to us about that and his work with Chris Brown and how some Jazz takes on some popular tunes fits into what he does.

That synthesis is part of the history of Jazz, and it hasn’t stopped.

Nor has Mr. Geobel. Nor have we. Upcoming Coffeeshop Conversations will feature John Averill, founder of March Fourth. Also coming up is Chris Doss the Executive Director of PDX Jazz to fill us in on this year’s Portland Jazz Festival.

Right now, meet Greg Goebel. 

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