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Galen Clark: Outer Orbit to Trio Subtonic / Coffeeshop Conversations at Artichoke Music #303

By TOM D'ANTONI // Galen Clark of Outer Orbit, Trio Subtonic and other ensembles talks about juggling multiple bands and emerging from the pandemIc.

A newish band has emerged in the past couple of years called Outer Orbit. It’s made up of members of some of Portland’s top Soul, Funk and Jazz bands,...including Tyrone Hendrix, Damien Erskine, Sarah Clarke, Peter Knudson and Michael Elson.

That’s what it’s always been like in Oregon. You have to be versatile to make a living as a musician.

Galen Clark of Outer Orbit, Trio Subtonic and lots of other ensembles is with me in the Artichoke Café to talk about those bands and how he navigates between them.

We recorded this a couple of weeks ago, before Outer Orbit’s breakout set at the Waterfront Blues Festival. So please excuse any out of date gig references,

Next week Mary Flower will be sitting here and the week after Derek Sims.

Let’s meet Galen Clark.

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