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Fox and Bones "Live in Camas" 06-24-20 / Photos


It was the beginning of March of this year when Portland hosted one of the few, intimate club shows from the reunited Robertson brothers of the Black Crowes

. When I left that show at Doug Fir, the upcoming concert year was full of promise, but I had no idea that would be the last show I would see for a long time. Covid-19 hit and turned our world upside down.

Everything simply stopped and we were all forced to stay home to level out the curve of this terrible pandemic. Our music community was hit hard in the process, tours cancelled, and our venues closed their doors. Artists and their fans soon found some solace with social media platforms and live streaming shows. These live shows helped during some dark times, but it did not come close to the real thing

Enter Portland based songwriting duo, Fox and Bones. Fox and Bones consists of Scott Gilmore (vocals/guitar) and Sarah Vitort (vocals). Their music started as a conceptual music project and has been fueled by their own love story. These two artists have a real chemistry and connection, especially on stage. Their voices harmonize well together and as a stripped-down acoustic duo, they shine their brightest.

With the down time of Covid, they still have been writing new music, but at the same time were missing the stage. Since live show concerts are still not an option, Fox and Bones decided to do something unique while still being safe. In the high hills of Camas, they set up a driveway stage and played to friends, family and for the surrounding neighborhood. It was a nice sunny day; a breeze was blowing in those hills and their voices resonated through the neighborhood. It was so nice to hear live music again, feel that emotional power in person and for a little while we all forgot about the pandemic, politics, and protests. The power of live music.

For more information of Fox and Bones

“Running Free” Live in Camas (06-24-20)

check out their current album release “Better Land” as well as recent new tracks

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