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FAN EXPO PORTLAND: Friday, January 12, 2024 / Photos


Portland had an Arctic Blast this weekend, which put a damper on the Fan Expo due to slippery roads turning into ice rinks and public transportation being shut down.

I was able to make it somewhat safely to at least catch the event on Friday. The Max train I was on had to stop due to an accident on the track, I won’t get into the rest, but I made it for the one day.

The Oregon Expo Center was not as crowded with the usual cosplay gatherings, as high winds were also blowing over trees and power lines.

I did get to enjoy the Spider Panel, which compared friendly spider powers to the powers of your favorite spider comic book characters. (Like free pest control for mosquitoes).

I was also able to catch the Kawaii Japanese Fashion Panel. It was Cho Kawaii seeing all of the cosplay maids from the Starlight Maid Cafe. The Maids taught us about the various Kawaii fashion styles that are trendy in Japan.

Voice Actors, Artists, Authors, as well as many other cosplay related vendors were in attendance.

Actors such as Joseph Quinn & Grace Van Dien (Stranger Things), Keith David (The Thing, Community, Rik & Morty), Holly Marie Combs (Charmed), Ethan Suplee (My Name Is Earl), Peter Weller (Robocop).

Check out my photos from Friday and on my Instagram @alisonwebsterphotography

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