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Evan Shlaes: Rising from the ashes, literally. / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #332

By TOM D'ANTONI // As if the pandemic weren't enough, Evan Shlaes' store burned down. The store has reopened at a different location and his bands are gigging again.

You probably know Evan Shlaes one of two ways (or both); as a member of the New Iberians, a New Orleans Cajon/Zydeco band around here for decades.

Or you know him as the proprietor of Really Good Stuff a  store spectacularly full, and I mean FULL of musical things, furniture, curios…you know real good stuff.

The store was destroyed in a fire late last year and because the Portland music community takes care of its own, he found a new store, stocked it and opened for business two months after the fire.

The band is back gigging again too.

Pretty amazing, but not for him and not for Portland’s music community.

He’s in the store right now. Let’s talk with Evan Shlaes.

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