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Enrique Ugalde aka Soriah on a spectacular upcoming throat singing concert / Coffeeshop Conversation @ Catfish Lou's #192

By TOM D'ANTONI // Soriah aka Enrique Ugalde talks about his upcoming concert at the Old Church with Chirgilchin (from Tuva) and the ethereal world of throat-singing.

It’s been since September of 2015 that Enrique Ugalde, also known as Soriah, has been on the podcast. He is, as I hope you know Oregon’s own Tuvan throat singer. Enrique is his given name and Soriah is the entity he becomes when he performs.

He’ll be performing at the Old Church Concert Hall on Friday, May 17 with the Chirgilchin ensemble who are on tour from Tuva itself. They’ve actually regular visitors to Portland, having been here several times.

We’ll play a piece by them at the end of our conversation with Enrique.

It’s been a big year for him.

Let’s find out why.

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