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Reggie Houston at Laurelthirst Pub 8/17/22 / Photo by Diane Russell
Reggie Houston at Laurelthirst Pub 8/17/22 / Photo by Diane Russell

Reggie Houston returns to Portland: Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #346

By TOM D'ANTONI // Reggie Houston returns to Portland for a visit (and eventual live-in return). And we return in-person to the Cafe at Artichoke Music. It's classic Reggie Houston storytelling.

Coffeeshop Conversations has returned to the Artichoke Music Café and it’s great to be back and just as great to be sitting across from Reggie Houston, saxophonist, vocalist and composer who moved back home to New Orleans a few years back but is making a visit to Portland in anticipation of moving back to his adopted home.

We’ve missed him, his music and his spirit. He is a fountain of knowledge, memories and good will, as you might remember from previous appearances on this podcast when he talked about being in Fats Domino’s band, about Dave Bartholomew and lots and lots and lots of things like that.

He was showing me pictures and just listen to the names of the people in the picture when I turned on the recorder.

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