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The Rhythm Wreckers / Eddie on drums
The Rhythm Wreckers / Eddie on drums

Eddie Montejo and Swing Dancing in Portland / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #394

By TOM D'ANTONI // Swing dancing remains a popular thing to do. Drummer/Bandleader Eddie Montejo is right in the middle of it with his Rhythm Wreckers Dance Band.

It’s ironic that even though in order to make a living at playing music in Oregon, you have to be able to play in diverse styles, there are many loyal groups of people who are fans of strictly one particular genre or another.

There are Metal heads, Blues fans and Tango lovers to name a few. One of those groups is the folks who love Swing Dancing. Therefore, there are musicians who provide them with something to dance to.

With me in the Artichoke Café today is Eddie Montejo. His Rhythm Wrecker Dance Band is a favorite of our Swing Dancers. He’s the leader and the drummer. He also helped organize the Portland Lindy Society.

So here’s everything you always wanted to know about Swing Dancing and Eddie Montejo.


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