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Photo by George Wheeler
Photo by George Wheeler

Eddie Martinez: Coffeeshop Conversastions #61 Behind the scenes with the sessions guitar king

By TOM D'ANTONI // You've heard him on your favorite hits. Hear him talk about how they were made. And how he's making a new album. // Photo by George Wheeler

Here we are once again at World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th and Glisan for another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation.

I’ve interviewed thousands of people and I’ve never met one more gracious than the guy who joins us today.

You have heard Eddie Martinez guitar on dozens upon dozens of big hits. From Mick Jagger to Robert Palmer…yes that was him crunching “Addicted to Love.”

He was one of the premier session guitarists when he lived in New York. He still gets calls but he’s been a Portlander for a long time now.

Ever wonder what goes on in those sessions? And how session players have to be part chameleon and part singular artists? He has a new album in the works, too.

We’ll find out.

Let’s meet Eddie Martinez

We're very sorry to report that earlier this week, Eddie's mom passed away. In the interview he talks about how much the encouragement of his parents meant to him.

To my Facebook, family, friends and acquaintances it is with a heavy heart to say that my Mother Maria T. Martinez passed away yesterday. She and my late Father were the spark for everything in my life. As a kid she encouraged my dream of playing guitar. Although our beginnings were humble they saved to get my first guitar and amp, as well as the freedom to go after what most would think a pipe dream for a kid living in a 5-story walkup in the South Bronx…and yes we lived on the top floor. The most important thing she would say is for me to ‘Always be myself.’ That is what I have done regardless of how ordinary the situation or how rarefied the air and milieu has been for me in this world of music from time to time. She was a spiritual powerhouse and force, but not in a proselytizing or hellfire and brimstone way, but rather pure love, light and most importantly by example. 97 years she lived and saw quite a lot. She was an amazing woman and Mother. Although my heart breaks and is so blue and heavy I am so very lucky and rich to have had a Mother like Tessie. The Martinez family and friends will be celebrating her well-lived life. Thank you Mom. Sincerely, E.

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