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The Multitalented Path of Steve Drizos / Inessa talks with Steve about his new album and more / Audio

By INESSA // During the course of an astonishing 2020, as I reflect back, one of the biggest missing pieces was the live music so many of us have taken to. From chilling out on the odd evening, to joining in the enormous outdoor music festivals , to making new music discoveries. Here’s your chance to do just that! Meet Steve Drizos

When I was first getting to to know Steve, and how his life’s work is playing out, I immediately thought of him as a “triple threat”. It reminds me of that very old nursery rhyme:

Three men in a tub,
And who do you think they be?
The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker,
And all of them out to sea.

Except in Steve’s case? He’s the musician, the engineer, the producer. You can hear how it all works in our conversation, below. You’ll learn about his studio, The Panther, how it’s felt to not play in front of live audiences, and how music found him in the first place. But the most important piece to Steve’s life at the moment? His solo debut album Axiom!

What brought Steve to MY attention? When I was made aware of his new album, I also learned he is the drummer for a band I have admired for quite some time. Jerry Joseph And The Jackmormons

Steve’s wife, Jenny Conlee, is with The Decembrists, so it’s all quite the musical package!

And finally there’s his studio, The Panther. You’ll hear how THAT came to be named, in our conversation.

Enjoy our conversation along with a taste of his music. Below that, find links to how you can access the new solo album and find out more about Steve’s recording studio as well.


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Steve Drizos

The Panther


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