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Dino Paris: A therapist's take on creativity during the pandemic / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #288

By TOM D'ANTONI // Has your creativity taken a nose-dive during the pandemic? Therapist Dino Paris explains why and offers some ways out

December 14 of last year was the last time we recorded one of these from the Artichoke Music Café. I told you I would wait until I could get vaccinated and two weeks ago I got my second shot.

That’s why we’re back at Artichoke today, and very happy to be here. We don’t plan to be anywhere else.

Dino Paris is with me. He’s a therapist…what we used to call a shrink, but we’re too polite to anymore.

I wanted to talk with him about the effects of the pandemic on creativity and what we can do about those effects to help ourselves and each other.pari

It’s for all of you and especially me. Meet Dino Paris.

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