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Davis Rogan: The Davis character from HBO's Treme comes to Portland / Audio Q&A

By TOM D'ANTONI // Davis Rogan didn't really get fired for a live voodoo chicken sacrifice on the radio. He'll be at The Old Church Concert Hall on Thursday, August 16 to sing his songs. Hear him talk about both.

Remember the David Simon HBO series Treme? The one based in New Orleans? And the character Davis McAlary? You know, the guy who got fired from WWOZ for sacrificing a chicken in a Voodoo ceremony while on the air? The guy who was kinduva semi-lovable asshole? Well that character was based on a real person who actually had a hand in creating that character (played by Steve Zahn) and also helping create some of the music in the series.

His real name is Davis Rogan who is from New Orleans, but went to college at Reed in Portland (and then went home). He's been here before, at Al's Den. He'll be here again on Thursday, August 16 at The Old Church Concert Hall.

As Dr. John likes to say, Davis is a ky-RACK-ter. I spoke with him over the weekend via Skype. He was in Chicago, having opened for Michael McDonald in Oshkosh, WI on the 9th. He would be playing in a club in Chicago that night. He has several albums and we'll end the conversation with a tune called "No Blues" from his latest album Davis Ex Machina.

He'll be playing solo piano and singing his quirky tunes in Portland. He's a strange dude. You might even like him.


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