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A new piece by Lynn Darroch: "Passages" / audio

Something new by Lynn Darroch. Piano: George Colligan. Read the backstory.

 Passages melds the journey of a Thrush with the movements of displaced persons.

On February 26, 2019, a female Dusky Thrush appeared in the backyard of Steve deMoulin and Margaret Linn. At least they thought so - slightly pugnacious, smaller than a Robin, and a ground forager, it was a species they’d not seen before. Soon they made an identification, and the Oregon Birds Records Committee concurred: it was the first ever sighting of a Dusky Thrush from Siberia in the state of Oregon. She was not seen again after March 8.

Her journey inspired this story.

Story/Narration - Lynn Darroch
Piano/Composition - George Colligan
Vocals - Margaret Linn
Engineer - Jonathan Swanson

A shorter version of this piece will accompany an animated film by Marilyn Zornado that will premiere in Earth Day events in April, 2020.

----Lynn Darroch

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