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Photo by Ryan Meagher/PJCE
Photo by Ryan Meagher/PJCE

Dan Balmer on his new album "When the Night" / Coffeeshop Conversations #409

By TOM D'ANTONI // Guitarist, composer, educator Dan Balmer's new album When the Night is out. What's it all about? Dan has been a virtuoso for a long time and is still at the top of his game....conversation-wise too. He always has a lot to say. Listen to the title track at the end of our conversation. 

Guitarist/composer/teacher Dan Balmer is in the Artichoke Café this time around. He always has a lot to say. I’ve been looking forward to sitting down with him again.

Coming up soon on Coffeeshop Conversations, the new executive director of 45th Parallel Universe Lisa Lipton and a visit with Lisa Marcicek also known as Miz Kitty.

Dan Balmer has a new album called When the Night. That name. What does it mean? I mean to find out. Listen to the title track at the end of our conversation.

Here’s what happened. As soon as Dan got here, we started talking about…well, everything. That’s what happens with Dan. I stopped the conversation and turned on the recorder. The rest Is history.

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