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Courtney von Drehle: A new holiday show for 2022 with Bela Balogh / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #361

By TOM D'ANTONI // Courtney von Drehle returns with a new holiday collaboration with Bela Balogh called The Elves of Frostländ - The Next Generation featuring film segments directed by Bela. It’ll be at the Alberta Rose Theatre on December 17.

It’s the second installment of Why Did He Choose to Talk with Accordion Players Three Episodes In a Row.

Last time it was Darka Dusty, next time it’ll be Jety Swart aka Jet Black Pearl and this time it’s our old friend Courtney von Drehle.

Bela Balogh, his collaborator of a couple of decades in groups like Three Leg Torso was supposed to be here too but he had a gig tossed his way at the last minute.

They’re working on a new holiday show called The Elves of Frostländ - The Next Generation featuring film segments directed by Bela.

 It’ll be at the Alberta Rose Theatre on December 17.

Let’s do some catching up with the ever clever Courtney von Drehle.


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