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OMN's Coffeeshop Conversations moving to Catfish Lou's!

Catfish Lou's, a new location for where we record OMN's Coffeeshop Conversations won Muddy Awards in 2017 and 2018 for Best Venue.

Same podcast, new location! Beginning next week, OMN's popular podcast Coffeeshop Conversations will be recorded at Catfish Lou's, the rocking, funky club at 2460 NW 24th Ave in NW Portland.

The club has won a Muddy Award from the Cascade Blues Association for Best Venue in 2017 and 2018. Owners Michelle and Michael Bean have always had a love for live music, and Michael had a particular affinity for the Blues, having spent some years in Georgia and Chicago.  So they turned this former strip club into a classic blues venue.

We won't be recording when the club is open, that would be nuts, although it would be fun.

Our first podcast records next Tuesday with the great Blues guitarist/singer/composer/producer Terry Robb who has a new album coming out. It will go up on OMN on Thursday 2/14.

We're glad to be back in production and really happy to have found a welcoming home for it.

I hear you ask, "How can it be a Coffeeshop Conversation when it's not in a coffeeshop?" We're going to re-name it Coffeeshop Conversations @ Catfish Lou's. I mean, look at it like the store sign that says, "One Hour Cleaners." That's just the name of it. You can't really get your clothes in one hour.

However, Michelle Bean, our gracious host/owner promises she'll put on a pot of coffee for us.


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