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Catón Lyles: Walk a Mile In His Shoes / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #272

By TOM D'ANTONI // Catón Lyles, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, actor visits Cafe Artichoke for a genre-bending conversation.

Hi there. Next week Chris Doss, Executive Director of PDX Jazz and the Portland Jazz Festival will be here to give us our annual rundown of the performers, virtual as they may be this time around.

The last week of December and the first week of January we’ll have my two favorite Coffeeshop Conversations episodes of the year. That’s going to be fun.

But today, this is one of those times when I get to meet and talk for the first time with someone I should have met years ago. Dunno why we never did but today in the Artichoke Music Café I’ll be talking with Catón Lyles, percussionist, multi-instrumentalist and composer in a wide variety of genres…and he’s an actor too.

He’s involved with an ongoing series of performances called Walk A Mile In Our Shoes….and we’ll get to that first.

Meet Catón Lyles:

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