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A Night on the Radio with Carla Bley in 1990: Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #396


I was doing a bit of rummaging and in one of those boxes were audio cassettes of a show I used to do on the American Radio Network. In the past I have found one show with Max Roach and one with Leon Redbone.

Today the tape that somewhat magically appeared in my hand was the time I spent on the air with composer/pianst Carla Bley.

It aired live on March 31st 1990 as part of a series I was doing which I thought of as…”Who Haven’t I interviewed that I’ve always wanted to talk to.”

I’m pretty tenacious when it comes to landing interviews especially with people who have never heard of me. Even in the days before podcasts, and this is really proto-podcast stuff, she had no idea who I was.

Yet I persisted. Here it is, complete with station breaks and commercials.


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Great Carla interview, and quite the artifact. It brightened my day.

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