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Buck Munger, Portland music icon, Two Louies' publisher, passes away

Read a remembrance by Music Millennium's Terry Currier

Today we lost one of the greats of the Portland Music scene...Buck Munger. Though the 70's, 80's and 90's, his publication Two Louies covered the Portland Music scene. Buck championed a lot of artists over this time and after. Before all that, he was the artist rep for Sunn amplifiers. Buck hung with the stars like Eric Clapton, The Who, ZZ Top and here scene with Tom Petty.

One of my favorite photos is Buck with Eric Clapton during the Cream years at an empty Memorial Coliseum probably before or after soundcheck. He was involved in the Portland Music Association and putting on the Mayor's Balls. He was a wealth of information about what went on in Portland. For 3 plus years, Buck called me regularly, trying to get me to start what eventually became the Oregon Music Hall of Fame. I had a full plate and told him I just did not have time to do that on top of having a record store, a record label and a record distribution company as well as being involved in many music based organizations.

One day I had a weak moment and said "Yes Buck...I'm going to do it." I've never regretted it and because of the prodding by Buck, The Oregon Music Hall of Fame was created. 

There are so many stories and memories I could tell about Buck but today, I think I'll just reflect my conversations and encounters with Buck. He was a one of a kind character with a passion for music...especially the music that was being made in Portland. Buck was inducted into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame because of this passion and all he did to help to champion the music scene here. He got Billboard magazine to do a multi-page feature on what was going on here. We will miss you Buck. 

                         -----Terry Currier, Oregon Music Hall of Fame, Music Millennium

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Ross DeWitt

Buck and I were friends in high school when our fathers were stationed in Fairbanks, Alaska, in the 1950s. He was already a wizard on drums. Actually we had a pretty great time back then - most of it lots of laughs. We finally reconnected when I noticed his induction into the Oregon Music Hall of Fame. I had lived in Corvallis, just 80 miles down I-5 from Portland, from 1971 -1987 and never knew he was there. I'll miss him.

Attilio Panissidi III

Nice remembrance, Terry.

Larry Blanks

I first met Buck in Nov 1962, when we got together to form a RnR group called "The Mark V" made up of Marines in Beaufort, SC. I use to attend the Georgia Music Hall of Fame here in Atlanta in the 1990's and would send Buck programs of the event. That's when he started pushing for a Portland version. He sent me one of the first T-Shirts in thanks for pushing the idea to him. Friends for 54 years and I'll miss our conversations.

Jon Miller

Buzz Clifford needs to chime in on any anecdotal tales about Buck, a truly unique, complex and positive contributor to Oregon music!

Brendan Stewart

Buck Munger was a champion of the music scene and I am so glad you took him up on the challenge to create the Hall of Fame...my husband, DK Stewart, was inducted several years ago. Because of both of you and several others many musicians will have the legacy they deserve! Thank you for your service to the Portland Music community!

Gregg Perry

I had thoroughly expected to put my arms around Buck at least one more time before our lives were over. Unfortunately, that will not be possible with his untimely passing. I so loved the man, brother, buddy, friend, roommate, road-trip-partner, business mentor and confidant. Buck stood by me steadfastly and unconditionally supported me these past several years while I "got right" with my inner being, made my amends and moved forward spiritually. I cannot adequately express the mixed feelings I continue to experience since his loss. His presence is deeply missed. I love you my brother. We had fun. We ran fast, played hard and loved deeply. We enjoyed life to the fullest. It's been an incredible journey. Now...Rest in Peace!


Deep within my heart there's a pain I'm feeling,
I can't explain, I think that it's healing.
It's the pain of a million tears,
It's always been controlled by my fears.
But now it's time for the pain to ease,
I feel a need for the fear to cease.
I feel it in my heart.
I realize it's Love.

john r smith

Buck was a TRUE BELIEVER in music, and our community here in Portland. We all owe him a lot. And he was a real gentleman.

Dave Baird

I met Buck in summer school in 1963. I guess he needed one more credit so he could join the Marines. He was a good artist and I still have a watercolor he gave me that he did in that summer art class. It is , of course, of a combo playing r&r. Great guy, faithful Marine. Will be missed!

Randy Sanders

Through the years, I've met Buck several times. He was a renaissance man; a prolific writer, soldier, Phoenix police officer, drummer, music rep and publisher.

Of all the interesting and stimulating folks I have on my Facebook "friends" list, no one more interesting than Buck. His "back in the day" Rick and till stories were so interesting and uniquely written, that they should have been assembled into a collection/book; I pray someone collected his Facebook stories.

It was just this morning when I recognized that I hadn't seen any of his posts in a while and started poking around. It's a horrible way to start a day finding out Buck had passed. on TV!/>
I can't say that Buck was a close friend, but I can certainly attest to the fact that he was a self-made man who captured the hearts of all those who are either to frightened or too unmotivated to get out there and capture yourself an adventurous life before the lights go out.

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