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EXCLUSIVE: Jim Brunberg: Live music, where we stand + a new Wonderly album / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #314

By TOM D'ANTONI // ECLUSIVE: Jim Brunberg, club/concert venue owner/musician/composer and activist in the movement to save our music venues talks about the state of live music in Oregon. Also hear a track from his new Wonderly album.

Jim Brunberg is back with us in the Artichoke Music Café for another OMN Coffeeshop Conversation.

His club, Mississippi Studios and concert venues, Revolution Hall and Polaris Hall are all open for live music.

He’s been a lynchpin for organizations launched during the Pandemic to get federal money in order to survive.

He has kept us all informed along the way and that’s why he’s here today, to give us his reading on how things are going and what the future may hold.

His group Wonderly, with Ben Landesverk also has a new album. We’ll hear a tune from it at the end of our conversation.

Welcome back Jim Brunberg

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