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Jim Brunberg on Oregon Arts Recovery and saving our venues. Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #295

By TOM D'ANTONI // Jim Brunberg is part of a new organization called Oregon Arts Recovery. Venues big and small have united to get federal money that Oregon already has in order to help our music venues start back up and for some to even stay alive.

An OMN exclusive.

Just when we were thinking that tons of music was right around the corner we find out that there’s a ton of Federal money that could help venues….big and small…that isn’t being spent.

Enter a new organization called Oregon Arts Recovery, OAR, that has arrived to help matters.

Jim Brunberg, one of the leaders in our music industry, both as a musician himself and as a venue owner (Mississippi Studios and Revolution Hall) has been working non-stop for the past year to convince government that music and music venues are vital to the life of Oregonians.

He’s with me on the phone with exciting news about a united front to help ensure that our venues survive and come back strong.

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