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Jim Brunberg: Coffeeshop Conversations #170 And another new venue, Polaris Hall!

By TOM D'ANTONI // Jim Brunberg talks about his new Polaris Hall and the trials and rewards of bringing music to Portland.

When the history of music at the turn of the century in Portland is written…IF it is ever written, they’ll write about someone who played a major role in it.

His name is Jim Brunberg and he’s with me in World Cup Coffee and Tea at NW 18th & Glisan for this OMN Coffeeshop Conversation. Number 170.

There’s his own music, of course, and responsibility for Mississippi Studios, Revolution Hall, and a new venue, Polaris Hall on North Killingsworth...also the new Bar 101 at Revolution Hall.

His popular Roam Schooled podcast with his daughters Vern and Dana is currently on hiatus. You'll find out why.

I love talking to Jim. Let’s get started.

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