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Bre, Colin, Paul and Tom
Bre, Colin, Paul and Tom

Bre Gregg and And Colin Hogan: Two bands, two releases, one concert / Coffeeshop Conversations @ Artichoke Music #364

By TOM D'ANTONI // Bre Gregg of Red Bird and Colin Hogan of the Colin Trio will be at Alberta Rose Theater on January 14. They have a lot to say about them in this episode. We are joined by Artichoke's Paul Ward.

Thanks to Artichoke Music’s Chairman of the Board and Artistic Director Paul Ward, we have two guests in the Artichoke Café today…and Paul is at the controls, along with a mic for himself.

Our guests today are singers and songwriters Bre Gregg and Colin Hogan who have a double album release coming up on Saturday, January 14 at the Alberta Rose Theatre.

Bre’s band Red Bird will be playing and The Colin Trio will also. Separately and together? That remains to be seen.

They’re both here in the Café and have come to talk about their new releases and their musical friendship.

They both live in multiple genres which, in Oregon, is a necessity as well as a love.

So for the first time on OMM’s Coffeeshop Conversations…let’s meet Bre and Colin.


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