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Through the Eyes of a Child: Bowling for Soup / Doll Skin / Keep Flying - PHOTOS / VIDEO

By SYDNEY AND MIKE LEWIS // OMN'S 10 year-old photographer is back on the scene.

While you might imagine that doing concert photography would convince Sydney at her young age that this is much more of a privilege than anything else, and it’s incredibly rare for her to even be approved, that’s not always the case.

As I’ve written before, when it comes to bands that she isn’t familiar with she often thinks that it isn’t something for her and she wants to decline going. At this point I’ve decided that there are times when it’s better to simply take her along so she can practice.

Pop punk might not have been at the top of her list but in the end, she had a good time. She enjoyed all the bands, met members of Keep Flying and Doll Skin, thought that Bowling for Soup was hilarious and walked out telling me that she had a much better time than she thought she would. This is one of the things that I’ve been trying to prove to her. Just because you might not care for the music there are times you can still enjoy a show.

Sydney also is starting to improve little by little with her photography. She still has self-doubts but it’s always good to see her reviewing her photos between bands and getting excited when she sees that she has a photo that’s good. Certainly there are still many, many challenges for her to overcome and if she continues, she will only get better with time.

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